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Sheri Lemke, Mortgage Lender

888-330-8482 ext. 1605

NMLS #786870

Sheri is a dedicated Mortgage Lender serving the Sauk Centre, Moorhead, and Belgrade branches plus a lot of territory in between. She has been with CMCU for 5 years and in the mortgage industry for 10 years. Sheri grew up in the area, her hometown is Long Prairie. So, she understands the local needs of members and can help finance a mortgage that may be a little different than one outside of Central Minnesota.


"I really enjoy working with every situation for our members because every scenario is unique. I enjoy the challenge and the reward it brings to the members when they get the right financing for the new home."


Sheri loves spending time with her family, including her 3 grandchildren. And in her spare time enjoys walks and riding motorcycle. Sheri understands the value of family in Central Minnesota and works hard to fit families with the right mortgage loan, so they can spend more time with each other.

"Dancing with the Stars" is a favorite tv show she admits she loves. And her dream vacation would take Sheri all the way to the islands of Hawaii. When she wins the lottery, you may get an Out of Office notice from Sheri while she's taking more vacations, probably on Waikiki beach. Good thing they have houses to finance in Hawaii!