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Melissa Gerads, Mortgage Lender

888-330-8482 ext. 1204

NMLS #709752

Melissa is an experienced Mortgage Lender serving the Albany, Avon and Holdingford branches. Her 22+ years of experience with CMCU shows her dedication and commitment to serving members in our local communities. As an Albany native, Melissa understands her member’s needs from a local perspective. If you want to buy a house, build a house, or refinance an existing mortgage she can help make that happen.


"I love being part of one of the most exciting time of a person’s life -- the purchase of a home.  I also love to save money so running options for members and saving them money is very rewarding."
Melissa's "Minnesota happy place" is her and her husband’s home just on the outskirts of town. Though Fall is by far her favorite season, she enjoys the summertime with the smell of freshly mowed lawn and hearing her boys play ball, driving 4wheeler, or just doing what boys do. A peaceful evening on the deck taking in the sounds of birds, frogs, and crickets also ranks high on her list of things that help her relax after a day at the office.

In her spare time, Melissa loves to scrapbook all of the special events in her boys' lives. This goes hand-in-hand with her passion of taking photos. 

Melissa loves working with the members on purchasing their new home. But, what you may not learn about her is that she is an avid list maker. "I love to make lists and enjoy crossing each thing off my list as they are complete. Sometimes I even add things I already did just so I can cross it off, silly I know. This helps keep me organized and I’ve found I even make lists at work."  She is very member oriented and thrives to treat each member as if they are family. She finds it very rewarding at the end of the day to know that she has done all she can to make each and every member comfortable and well informed through the entire process.  Call or email Melissa now, you won’t regret it.