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Lynn Dirkes, Mortgage Lender

888-330-8482 ext. 1813

NMLS #1274853

Lynn is a knowledgeable Mortgage Lender serving the Cold Spring branch and surrounding communities. Her 20+ years of experience in the industry provide Lynn with the expertise to fit members with the right mortgage loans for their situation. She is originally from Canby, MN, but is happy to have put roots down locally.


"I love to guide members through the process of getting their dream home. It can be so rewarding on closing day to see their happy faces as they get to move into their new home."


Lynn is a 80s rock-loving bookworm who loves to travel to the North Shore in Minnesota. She also loves reading, crafting, concert-going and watching her daughters' sports and drama activities. Lynn is a go-getter whom you could find singing along to any BonJovi song. The show she is ashamed to admit she loves is the original 60s version of Batman. Pow!

Traveling is one of Lynn's passions and if she could go anywhere on a dream vacation, it would be to travel throughout Europe. Fun facts about Lynn is that her maiden name has no vowels (Chrtt) and she loves to "get in the spirit" and decorate for Christmas. She can most relate to the children's character, Tigger, because "he is cheerful, outgoing, and competitive in a friendly way, and loves to have fun fun fun fun fun!"

Lynn loves to help members find the right mortgage solution with her industry experience and friendly personality. She is prompt with her responses to any questions you may need help with along the way during the application through closing day.