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Christina Simons, Mortgage Lender

888-330-8482 ext. 2610

NMLS # 1065821

Christina is an experienced Mortgage Lender serving the Wadena, New York Mills, and Perham branches and surrounding communities. She came from Zimmerman, MN, but is happy to have settled her roots in the Wadena area. With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Christina can help you find the right mortgage to fit your situation.


"I get to help people buy homes and I love that about my job - from their first  home to their forever dream home!"


Christina fully enjoys the Minnesota seasons with her two black labs and husband. She enjoys going to the lake in the summer, sitting around a bonfire, kayaking the many lakes and watching the dogs go crazy because they get to be at the lake. When it comes to winter time, you can find Christina skiing through the snow until it gets below zero, then it's hibernation time like many other Minnesotans.

If Christina were given her dream vacation, she would be leisurely making her way through Europe for a year. And she would probably be toting some books around on her vacation because she loves to read. Christina's friendly personality and expertise make her a great choice for your next mortgage lender and finding your dream home.